Miranda Island

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No New Posts Visitor’s Centre

This is the first place that you’ll encounter on your travels in Solastella. The centre is filled with information for new trainers, and it contains the answers to many of the questions one may have about the site mechanics. It also contains the Charter, which has a list of the rules of the region - break these at your own peril!

Sub-boards: Rules, Guides

13 13 Legislation
by ➤ GRAZ !
Jan 21, 2012 18:35:12 GMT
No New Posts Solastella Gazette

The Solastella Gazette’s offices are only a few miles away from the Legislative Assembly, and the reporters here are never far from the latest scoop. The news published here is completely IC, and if you like, you can even apply to be a reporter and write an article or two!

11 11 Dual Pressures Push Solere Downwards!
by ➤ GRAZ !
Feb 25, 2012 16:16:39 GMT
No New Posts Compendium

A treasure trove of information about Solastella, its people and its Pok?mon. Find out about everything from the climate to the gym leaders~

5 6 Parsus (La Parsu’eil)
by Kelcete
Sept 26, 2019 14:44:23 GMT
No New Posts Legislative Assembly

Deep in the heart of Miranda Island, which lies alone at the centre of the constellation of islands dotting the rich blue sea, is the Legislative Assembly building, where the esteemed of the region regularly meet to discuss matters of law and the court.

Access to all mods and above

Sub-boards: Café Miranda, Court of Miranda

11 50
No New Posts Halls of History

The Halls of History contain written records of every event in the history of Solastella

Sub-boards: Lab Archive, Route Archive, Town/Gym Archive, OOC Archive, Legislative Archive, Court Archive

19 149 | 01 |'' oh, ocean, you understand me.
by ßukowski
Mar 1, 2012 18:15:24 GMT

Out of Character Discussion

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No New Posts General Board

Moderator: ➤ GRAZ !

Sub-boards: The Curious, The Creative, The Fledgling, The Absent, The Playful

29 236 Ollo?
by ➤ GRAZ !
Mar 24, 2012 19:46:04 GMT
No New Posts Recruitment Centre

The recruitment centre is where we accept applications to join the staff of Solastella - come along and apply and make the site even better than it is now! We always need mods, so there’s a good chance you’ll be accepted if you’re active, literate and generally not a meanie-bo-beanie.

Sub-board: Finished Applications

8 16 Marvsta applies for a fused Position
by Marvsta
Feb 26, 2012 23:39:13 GMT
No New Posts Affiliates/Advertise

This is the board you should go to if you’d like to affiliate with us or just advertise your site. Though we do have some guidelines on the sites we will affiliate with/allow to advertise here, we’re generally well-mannered, so don’t be afraid!

Sub-boards: Link Back, First Time

81 90 Pledge: An AU Pok?mon RP
by Oniwanbashu
Jun 6, 2018 6:27:36 GMT

Isle of New Beginnings

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No New Posts Ideas Hall

A new beginning doesn’t just have to be a new character or a new story, it can be a new idea for the site - if you’ve got one that you’d like to suggest, come over here and bring it up. It’ll then be discussed and taken up to staff if necessary. Likewise, you can ask for assistance if you’re unsure of anything.

2 19 All I want for Christmas is...
by Seas
Dec 12, 2011 13:39:43 GMT
No New Posts Character Hall

The Characters Hall on the Isle of New Beginnings is where all the creatives in Solastella come to create new characters to fill the stories they weave together. The Character Hall is also responsible for quality control, making sure that new characters are in-depth enough to do justice to their writers. There are a number of people in the Hall that will help you to improve your character where they feel it may be possible, as well as approve your character for use in Roleplay on Solastella.

Sub-board: Accepted Characters

27 97 Destiny Aamira
by ♥cherri♥
Mar 9, 2012 22:36:45 GMT
No New Posts Moderator Hall

Sadly, sometimes a new beginning involves getting a new mod for your thread. If you feel that things aren’t working out with your current mod, they are no longer able to mod for you or they have not replied for more than three days, you can post here asking for a new mod. We’re sorry things didn’t work out, but we hope you will be very happy with your new roleplaying partner.

1 1 Mod Hall Rules
by ➤ GRAZ !
Feb 16, 2012 1:17:10 GMT
No New Posts Plot Hall

Next to the Character Hall is a rather ... err, nefarious looking building, where plotters meet to plot. What are they planning, I hear you ask? Assassinations? Coups? Black-market trades? Nope- they’re plotting stories, and you can too! If you want to set up a meeting with some other people, so that you can get some socialising and RPing done all that once, this is the place to go.

by Seas
Feb 23, 2012 20:55:29 GMT

Twin Isles

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No New Posts Romulus Isle

The first stop on your Solastella Journey, Romulus Isle is home to the main Port of Solastella, along with Solastella Region Pokémon Laboratory, where you can collect your first Pok?mon and trainer card. The Island is pretty sparse apart from the lab, but it is filled with meadows and grassy plains. The beaches here are legendary, but there’s no time for dallying here - the rest of the archipelago awaits!

5 30 ♡1♡ The Day Isn't Over Yet
by ♥cherri♥
Mar 9, 2012 22:27:42 GMT
No New Posts Verda Bridge

Verda Bridge is the first ‘route’ of the Solastella Region. A brick bridge elevated to approximately 150 metres, its long flowing arches date back to classical times. Spanning the gap between Romulus and Remus Isles, it features a walkway for trainers underneath a motorway that primarily services vehicles travelling to and from the lab. The public walkway is filled with foliage and shrubbery - trees and vines snake around white brick pillars, making for a pleasant stroll on a sunny day - relatively expansive, this can sometimes feel more like a park than a bridge - not only does it offer great panoramas of the ocean, it is home to a wide variety of pokémon!

11 92 Please And Thank You
by Seas
Apr 25, 2012 14:28:04 GMT
No New Posts Remus Isle

Remus Isle is home to the village of Remus, which is the largest settlement on the Twin Isles. It is a relatively small village, but it is renowned for it’s sunny climate and seaport - from here it is possible to move to the other islands in the Solastella Region. The island itself is also home to the first Gym that trainers will have to defeat in their journey to conquer the Solastella League!

Sub-boards: Remus Gym, Remus Hall

2 2 Remus Contest Hall Information
by ➤ GRAZ !
Oct 24, 2011 14:34:51 GMT

Sphinx Island

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No New Posts Sphinx Canyon

This Canyon is filled with sparse vegetation and dry winds. Searing hot during the day, freezing cold during the night, the easiest way to traverse it is as quickly as possible. Occasionally, a waterfall or oasis will provide respite from the dusty dryness, but the desert canyon is a necessary evil. Occasionally, the monolithic sides of the canyon will give way to a small cave, but otherwise the Canyon is straight and narrow. Boulders from above frequently fall below - watch your head!

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No New Posts Menes City

Menes City is the glittering jewel in the crown of Sphinx Island. Fiercely proud of its heritage, the city is filled with archaeological treasures, whilst juxtaposing them with gleaming skyscrapers. At night, the city really comes to life, filled with lights which illuminate the dark, empty desert. The city itself is built on the River Menes, and this has allowed it to flourish, promoting agriculture and trade with the rest of Solastella. Feel free to enjoy yourself in this city, but mind you don’t get sidetracked, the pleasures of the city have ensnared many before, and this is one honeypot you don’t want to get caught up in!

Sub-boards: Menes Gym, Menes Hall

2 2 Menes Contest Hall Information
by ➤ GRAZ !
Jan 14, 2012 11:33:34 GMT
No New Posts The River Menes

The River Menes is a huge snaking artery, carrying the lifeblood of the entire island. The waters in this river bring fertility to its flood basin, as well as allowing Pok?mon and humans alike to thrive in its ample wake. At the end of the river is Sphinx Island Trade Port, which can only be accessed by following the river’s snaking path from Menes City. This can either be done on foot - many roads follow the date palm-fringed riverbank - or, for a small fee, via motorboat. The challenges one will face along this river range from floods and sinking sand to the dangerous river Krookodiles!

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Marsmonte Island

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No New Posts Marshtown

Marshtown is the smaller of the two settlements on Marsmonte Island, which is the largest of the specks of land that makes up the Solastella Region. It is a medium sized coastal town, known for its various fisheries. The Fisherman’s Store here sells Rods which allow trainers to fish for Pok?mon in water areas, though most of the town is surrounded by thick mangrove swamps and rainforest. The small town is also home to the third of Solastella’s Gyms. The citizens of Marshtown have an intense and bitter rivalry with their brothers in Sierraville.

Sub-boards: Marshtown Gym, Marshtown Hall

2 2 Marshtown Gym Information
by ➤ GRAZ !
Jan 14, 2012 21:53:28 GMT
No New Posts Marsmonte Forest

Beware Marsmonte Forest, for it is more than your way that you might lose within it. The jungle is constantly drenched by torrential rains, which make it a breeding ground for Grass- and Bug-types. Though there are a few dirt paths through the forest, you’re largely on your own in this huge mess of vines and water. A few ruins lie in the centre of the forest, temples from an ancient civilisation, but thankfully it’s easy to work out which direction one should travel next - uphill. Eventually, the forest peters out, and the last stretch of this route is in fact a mountain path, only sparsely populated with trees, that leads to the large mountain city of Sierraville. From this pathway, it is easy to see stunning views of the forest, and from the sight of the tiny Marshtown in the distance, impress upon oneself the sheer scale of the journey one has taken through the forest...

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No New Posts Sierraville

Being so high up, Sierraville has a rather more temperate climate than the other parts of Solastella, which are subtropical havens of sun and sand. It frequently snows here during the winter, though it is warmer further down the mountain. The rocky city is home to large, imposing buildings that are largely wrought from iron. It is home to huge spiralling towers and walkways, which culminate in a huge observatory, where it is possible to get a Star Chart and access to some mysterious islands. Here, the penultimate gym in Solastella can be found. Being landlocked, Sierraville does not have any ports, and instead conducts most of its trade by air, using huge airships. It is possible to take one of these balloons to the Isle of Bracken, if you can stand the heights!

Sub-boards: Sierraville Gym, Sierraville Hall

2 2 Sierraville Gym Information
by ➤ GRAZ !
Jan 16, 2012 18:35:19 GMT

Isle of Bracken

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No New Posts Dempe Caves

The Isle of Bracken is a harsh and formidable place, with sharp rocks bounding harsh, dark cliffs. Impossible to approach safely via the sea, the Air Transport Service from Sierraville will take you to the edge of this island, from which you can enter the Dempe Caves. These caves are treacherous, filled with dark creature and sharp rocks, but by traversing your way through the deep caves, you can eventually arrive at Bracken Outpost. The caves are devoid of plant life, though they are constantly filled with a humid dampness. Moss and lichen abounds, but beware that you don’t mistake that soft thing under your fingers for simple fungus when in fact it’s the fur of something more inclined to bite...

The Isle of Bracken may only be approached via Air, either through Fly or the Air Transportion Service from Sierraville

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No New Posts Bracken Outpost

It’s unfair to call Bracken Outpost a ‘town’ or ‘village’ or even a ‘hamlet.’ In reality, it’s just a small collection of houses, collected at the end of this tower. Mostly these houses are filled with workers on the UTS, for which Bracken town is one of only two terminuses.

The only other place of note in Bracken Outpost is the gym.

Sub-boards: Bracken Gym, Bracken Hall

2 2 Bracken Contest Hall Information
by ➤ GRAZ !
Jan 14, 2012 12:03:45 GMT

Gloriana Tower

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No New Posts Underwater Train Service

The only way to get into Gloriana Tower is underwater, by taking this deluxe amphibious train from Bracken Outpost. Though Bracken Outpost itself is horribly sparse and desolate, the UTS is a wonderfully furnished, with chintzy chairs and chandeliers. Many of the trainers here will try and battle other potential challengers, so be prepared - if you can hold your own, however, you’ll eventually make it to Gloriana Tower proper, and the Solastella League is yours for the taking!

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No New Posts Gloriana Tower: Solastella League

The tower rises above the ocean, completely unbounded by land. The foundations run deep and old. This is the home of the Solastella League. Once you enter through the hidden train tracks at the base of the tower, the train starts its ascent spiralling up and up. The terminus is actually half-way along the tower, which is completely unassailable. From here, you can access a Pok?mon centre and mart, stocking up before the most difficult challenge of your life. Four rooms, each higher than the previous, await you - inside are the toughest trainers in Solastella. Are you ready? Let the challenge begin!

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Protos Isle

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No New Posts The Protos Vineyards

Rows upon rows of elegant grapevines line grassy hills in the more picturesque side of Protos Isle. This grassy shrubbery is verdant and blooming with life, taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate that Protos Isle enjoys. The Vineyards frequently export across Solastella, while its fruit orchards make it a home for berries and fruit.

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No New Posts Mt. Protos

Mount Protos is a teenage mountain with a temperament to match - violent and shuddering, it’s prone to unpredictable eruptions, though for the moment it appears to be dormant. The mountain is full of sheer crags and steaming sulphur pits - which worsen as you ascend towards the summit. Geysers burst from time to time, sending jets of steam into the air, but jets of steam are better than lava, right?

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No New Posts Lava Falls

The crater of Mount Protos is constantly alive, showing just how organic the seemingly sleepy peak is - rivulets of lava flow through constantly from the peak, with the constant drying of the lava creating archways and tunnels, there’s a whole hidden network of passageways here, which are regularly frequented by fire-type Pok?mon. The temperatures here often exceed hundreds of degrees Celsius, but the heat is a small discomfort for those who are truly determined to reach the fire Pok?mon that lie here.

The Lava Falls may only be accessed once Mt. Protos has been completed

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Spice Islet

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No New Posts Spice Meadow

Sweet aromas and scents waft freely across the spice meadows, which is filled with all sorts of exotic plants and herbs. Because of their different blooming cycles, the meadow can vary greatly in fragrance over the course of the year, though it is perennially green. A few trees complete the picturesque grassland, while in the grasses and shrubbery provide ample habitat for a whole array of Pok?mon. At the centre of the island is Spice Rock, a huge monument which is said to have a special effect on some Pok?mon!

1 1 Act Two: The Stowaway [zom|mod]
by ➤ GRAZ !
Feb 27, 2012 19:02:41 GMT
No New Posts Lake Parsus

Lake Parsus sits glittering in the sunlight in the centre of Spice Islet. It’s clear, cool waters make it ideal as a fishing or vacation destination. You can either wander the coastline and the few houses that dot the edge of the lake or travel via a free row-boat out into the lake itself. The Pok?mon in the lake are relatively used to humans compared to some other, more wild, parts of Solastella, so they are generally friendly - mind you don’t find something worse hiding in the deep, though!

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No New Posts Mausolea Hill

Mausolea Hill rises out of the centre of Lake Parsus as though it was just another island rising out of the sea. It is an ancient and sacred burial site, and it is filled with graves and crypts. There’s something peaceful about the silence that pervades it, though you wouldn’t want to be trapped on the island when night falls - as the mist over the lake thickens into fog, cackling voices and glowing lights betray incorporeal (and sometimes belligerent) forces at work.

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Hummingbird Lagoon

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No New Posts Hummingbird Lagoon

Hummingbird Lagoon is a gorgeous, calm blue atoll filled with jewel-like islands, while the clear blue waters show rich and diverse corals hiding below in a stunning reef. Although the corals make it hard to access via boat, you can explore Hummingbird Lagoon if you have a Pok?mon with Surf. Relax on one of the islands or go swimming in the water - or dive deeper and see what the ocean hides!

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No New Posts Hummingbird Reef

If you have a Pok?mon with Dive, you can access this underwater world, filled with gorgeous caves and a variety of Pok?mon. The sunlight reflects off the scales of gleaming fish and fills the world with wonder. Anything is possible here, but beware nightfall, for more dangerous predators stalk the reef then!

Hummingbird Reef may only be accessed once Hummingbird Lagoon has been completed

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No New Posts S.S. Kain

This sunken ship sits in the centre of Hummingbird Reef, having fallen long ago - though it is now mostly abandoned, having been reclaimed by nature, the claims that this pirate ship may once have been filled with gold frequently attract divers searching for something special. You need a Pok?mon with Dive to be able to survive down here, but who knows what you may find, if you look inside this bygone ship...

The S.S. Kain may only be accessed once Hummingbird Reef is completed

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No New Posts Dream Isle

The Dream Isle appears differently to each person that explores it and differently each time they do, just like a dream. It vanishes and appears at will, only discoverable by those that seek it. The rare island, forever shifting in nature and unplottable on any map, is home to a variety of Pok?mon and habitats - all of whom seem to be different from the norm...

1 1 Dream Spring
by ➤ GRAZ !
Aug 26, 2011 15:48:35 GMT

Cryo Rock

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No New Posts Cryo Cliffs

There is the hint of danger in the high, striking cliffs of Cyro Island. Perhaps it is the jagged peaks that appear to have taken over the sky, or possibly it is the many places where the shale has broken down into sharp pieces.Breathtaking views and flying-type Pokémon can both be found here, but it will not be easy to find either. The cliffs, which descend all the way to sea level are often buffeted by choppy waves - thin, winding paths are the only way to ascend them; though years of erosion have made them steep and often little more than ledges against the rock face. Mind you don’t fall!

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No New Posts Cryo Steppes

Far above the sea lays the Cryo Steppes. The gentle slopes of these hills fill most of the island, and could even be considered the centerpiece of Cyro Rock. They are always covered in deep snow, except for rare occasions in the summer when the warmth is enough to melt the snow and allow small, delicate flowers to bloom on the uncovered ground. This is often the view seen from the Cyro Cliffs. Though the peaks of the cliffs themselves fringe the vast fields, from the centre, they are often hard to see - perhaps that has more to do with the gentle snow than anything else though...

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No New Posts Chemical Processing Plant

The Chemical Processing Plant is an abandoned, sprawling building hidden within the hills. It is empty except for the various Pokémon who have made it their home. A bygone product of a more industrial era, local opposition to siting the plant on a more populated island led to it being placed here, on the most barren island of them all. The three levels are filled with the broken glass from the windows that were once there and the rotting wood of desks and chairs. Sunlight and snowflakes drift into the rooms in the day, and most nights the moon will provide enough light to explore it. On the first floor there is a rusty door near the stairs, which leads to the basement, the place where the scientists who used to live there kept everything they wanted hidden.

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Acero Isle

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No New Posts Acero Beach

A perfect beach, filled with soft, fine white sand and an assortment of seashells. The ocean itself always appears a beautiful teal colour, and the waves are never small. It is sunny throughout the year, making it a favorite vacation spot, for Pok?mon as well as humans. There is a well-known resort near the mountain that offers rich food, tour guides, and a comfortable place to sleep. The fertile slopes of the mountain, pristine mountain air and sparkling beaches make it the ideal place to relax, as do the advanced spa treatments and herbal massages on offer. It can be a little pricey, though...

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No New Posts Solenoid Caverns

The caverns underneath the mountain of Acero Isle have a deep darkness that dims any light brought inside. There are paths through them, created by the long gone rivers that carved through the dusky blue stone. Echoes are common because of the large rooms that are found in the paths. It is rumored that precious metals can be found here, which has made them a prime spot for mining companies and simultaneously brought great wealth to Acero Isle. During earthquakes, the metals vibrate at a unique frequency, giving these caverns the sobriquet of the ‘Singing Caves’ - though if you’re in the middle of an earthquake, it’s not best to be a mile into a cavern complex!

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No New Posts Ferroworks

The Ferroworks are an enormous factory that is no longer used. There are rooms that are the size of houses, and completely empty, making it a good place to visit if you want to be alone. Mines and smelting houses can be found here. Most of the metal found is beginning to rust, but in the rooms near the center of the factory you can find molten steel, kept perpetually heated by a generator deep in the heart of the mountain. Taking advantage of geothermal heat, it is able to melt down scrap metal into ingots without the need for much human intervention. What’s left of the Ferroworks is purely automated - a boat stops by every week or so in order to collect the metal. Let’s hope there’s no truth to those horror stories of people falling into the flowing steel vats and ending up as part of a Menes City skyscraper, though.

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Trainer Centre (Visit Whenever)

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No New Posts Bazaar

This is a place to buy and sell. Some of the things in the Bazaar are typical, some of them oddities, but it’s a vital stopping point for anyone interested in their Pok?mon journey!

4 32 Boat Shop
by ßukowski
Mar 7, 2012 21:41:44 GMT
No New Posts Trainer’s Hall

These dojos are dotted around the islands of Solastella, and they’re the perfect place for trainers to meet up and battle other trainers. The exact building varies from island to island, but generally the room is a sparsely decorated hall filled with space and energy.

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No New Posts Community Hall

This place is responsible for all trades, giveaways and breedings that trainers want to conduct. Simply make a thread here with [TRADE], [GIVEAWAY] or [BREEDING] in the title and see what comes of it!

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